Past Work

In Another Round's themed episode on black hair, I went to the Hair on Purpose Conference in Harlem where girls and young women ages 10-17 gathered to celebrate pride in their beauty by engaging in a day of workshops, panel and hair demonstrations. My reporting focused on the narrative how the women of older generations in these young women's lives shaped their attitudes towards their agency and sense of space in the world through their creative hair expression.

Multimedia Reporting


History Of Slavery, Future Of Diversity Still At Issue At Harvard

At the heart of the controversy is the Royall family shield — three sheaths of wheat on a blue background — adopted by Harvard in 1936 as part of a dedication of arms across the disciplines to commemorate the university's 300th birthday. 

Barnacles Could Help Unlock the Mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Investigators searching for clues about what caused the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 to go down, and where, may have a surprising helper at their disposal: barnacles, those small crustaceans that attach themselves to things that dwell in the sea like whales or, well, airplane wreckage.


Have An Oedipal X-Mas Eve (Don't Tell Dad)

A lot of Boston Boomers may already know Oedipus as a legendary radio kingmaker—but if you’re a 20-something iPhone-poking millennial like me, you may be like “what’s a radio?” Or worse, you’re having weird thoughts about a different, Not-Safe-For-Moms kind of Oedipus...